Spring morning, the air is fresh, the wind is soft, the birds are singing, there are faint on the flowers, these will make the mood suddenly pleased. Even if that one can not brush the melancholy, you can temporarily put aside the body.


A person marching dawn, quietly walking in a quiet path. Stay in a tree, look up. A growing lush uncle, the spirit of God to stand between heaven and earth. A crystal of dewdrops, decorated in the branches of branches at the top of the fork, and some hanging in a bud buds, crystal glowing green is very nice. This tree is the spring morning morning moist and wet, like just out of the bath from the beauty, Yin Yanran, with a charming beauty.


Show the distance, so that the freedom of view of the gallop, the heart also followed by elegant.


Distant, eyes touched the place, shrouded in a touch of mist, fog faintly visible: the village, houses, trees, there are flat fields, the field is a dark green; and quiet around, Heart travel, and all this even had a dream-like charming, like the magic-like graceful, picturesque aesthetic. I think this is the beauty of nature to give me, fluttering leisurely, clean up my heart that dust.


Walking in the wind blowing off my black hair, breathe fresh air, feel the spring of the morning the quiet beauty. Depressed mood seems to get relieved. Red rolling, the wind and rain, in the ups and downs, we will inevitably be emotional setbacks.


In fact, romantic, that field of colorful flowers, as in spring, we are pleased to wait for the flowers, waiting for the spring, but to the time of the flowers, it will inevitably have a sad. Because people are feeling, it is difficult to do indifferent to the day and night to get along with others do not break up, and then take a person's rivers and lakes, like a person's land for days.


However, there are always many life helpless, emotional things like flowers, or flowers intentionally, ruthless. The earth you and me, love each other holding hands, come and go, spend a full moon, each other with each other's heart, touch the other's breathing, induction of each other's heartbeat. Sympathetic to each other's well-being. But one day, do the best, we only forced to let go, let him free, let him toward his happiness to run. Although we will have a lot of dismay, but do not die entangled. This will be once the good, heart of his love and their own dignity, will be lost. That will be more painful, hurt themselves, hurt others.


Let go is also a love, as long as he is happy. Even if there is tears, he wants to let him go, so he left, any tears of wanton flow, even cry into the river.


Spring weather is warm day by day, the flowers on the earth is pleased to grow flowers, just wait a few spring rain coming. We will see the verdant trees, colorful spring.


Red on the road, the wind and rain, it will inevitably have heartache, when the situation is light, we will be a loss and sadness quietly placed properly, take a flower on the palm, the mind and the flowers to talk. With a bright pen, write the beautiful spring, the deep love from the hidden in the bottom of my heart.


Tell yourself that spring comes, there will be a time on the vegetarian, a flower; one, a small grass from the soil drill out. As the cold winter can be passed, what can not be in the past?


Standing on the street, facing the sun, looking at a strand of sunshine in the earth, the new day began. What is the reason to go to touch the pain yesterday. With a ray of sun warm wounded heart, will be a plain day painted life color, so that tomorrow is full of hope, in the fleeting out of their own style.


If you do, the life of the person really gone, we should also tell him a treasure. Because he accompanied us for a long way. Because this way has his companions, we have a little lonely and lonely, less life and loss of misery. But life is not loose banquet.


The man in his life is really gone, thanks to him, and thanked him for his warmth, thanks for his best years of life and his own. There is no resentment and hate, into the natural, regain the confidence of life. Learn to accept the fate of the arrangements, and then find a place to place heart and soul, self-cultivation, perfect themselves, not in the time dejected.


In the morning slowly to go, the breeze was blowing. Heart, no longer heavy, that touch of mind in the breath of spring slowly blew out. At this time I only want the flowers on the branches when the beautiful, and the green grass in the wind when swaying cute.


This year's tree tree peach I do not know how many love written on the petals, I do not know how many Acacia hidden in the flower core, I do not know how many girls dream of peach under the stare brilliance, I do not know how many young dreams under the peach view.


Spring is coming, I do not know what the mood has been to meet a colorful spring, vibrant spring, vibrant spring. Yes, I smile, open arms embrace the spring, with the hands of my pen to the spring of the beautiful one by one painted into the poetic color, the charm of the word, shallow singing low, warm time.